Romantik Waldhotel Mangold

Romantic days work miracles

... or: the good is nearby!

You are on search for an individual present? Give away romantic!

On the way to an appropriate present you often call for time and mutuality. Is there anything better than beeing together in a romantic hotel with a candle- light- dinner? Find relaxation with a walk in the woods, a trip to the "Bergische Land", a musical visit in cologne or a wellness day in the Mediterana.

Of course you can prearrange a date - for a birthday or centenary or f.e. on the occasion of a concert - but you donĀ“t need it. Voucher can be converted anytime.

Gladly we send our voucher on account. They are valid for one year, but never lose their worth. Even after expiry they can be converted without any problems. In case of price or service changes it can come to an additional contribution.

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